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Journal of Management Excellence: Creating Value

 Creating value is the most important objective of every organisation, but it is also the hardest to define.
Oracle takes a look at the many different ways to create value.


  • Connect Enterprise Performance Management Processes to Drive Business Value (Ivo Bauermann)
  • Commentary: If You Are Ready, Now Is the Time! (John Kopcke)
  • The Need for Profitability Management (VJ Lal)
  • Commentary: The Complete Value of an Enterprise Performance Management System (Thomas Oestreich)
  • Centraal Boekhuis: Creating Value by Delivering Business Intelligence as a Service (Emiel van Bockel)
  • Commentary: The Overinstrumented Enterprise (James Taylor)
  • True Value Index: A Measure for Sustainable Business Success (Frank Buytendijk)
  • Industry Insights (Mark Conway)


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