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According to IBM Global CEO Study titled “The Enterprise of the Future”. “Disruptive by Nature” is the fourth of the five characteristics that define the Enterprise of the Future.

Business processes, as well as some products and services, are becoming more virtual. New delivery channels and electronic methods of distribution are overturning traditional industry conventions. And these advances are not just changing the way individual companies work — they’re creating entirely new industries according to the survey.

Bottom line is simple. If the company is not ‘disruptive by nature’ it will be very difficult avoid commoditizing of its products or services. Future organizations cannot just capitalize on existing product advantage they possess. They need to continually look for ways to disrupt their own products and services. If they are not willing to do it, it’s quite likely that their competitors will be working on those products substitutes.

According to the study, The Enterprise of the future is:

1) Hungry for change: The Enterprise of the Future is capable of changing quickly and successfully. Instead of merely responding to trends, it shapes and leads them. ip info Market and industry shifts are a chance to move ahead of the competitions

2) Innovate Beyond Customer Imagination: The Enterprise of the Future surpasses the expectations of increasingly demanding customers. Deep collaborative relationships allow it to surprise customers with innovations that make both its customers and its own business more successful.

3) Globally Integrated: The Enterprise of the Future is integrating to take advantage of today’s global economy. Its business is strategically designed to access the best capabilities, knowledge and assets from wherever they reside in the world and apply them wherever required in the world.

4) Disruptive by Nature: The Enterprise of the Future radically challenges its business model, disrupting the basis of competition. It shifts the value proposition, overturns traditional delivery approaches and, as soon as opportunities arise, reinvents itself and its entire industry.

5) Genuine, Not Just Generous: The Enterprise of the Future goes beyond philanthropy and compliance and reflects genuine concern for society in all actions and decisions


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