Integration is the new currency of HR in the
From HR strategy to compliance, payroll and benefits
…to recruitment and hiring
leadership and employee development
Making Things Work Together

There’s nothing worse than knowing you’ve got a problem to solve, but not knowing where to start.

And HR is complex, costly, and constantly evolving.

To deal with a challenge, to solve a problem you have to understand it first.


Making Things Work Together

We examined and understood the challenges and problems that HR management faces and set out to find solutions.

We set out to make HR services more accessible by aggregation and integration – a catalyst for business transformation.

And we have achieved an in-depth understanding of what works within an HR environment and what doesn’t.

Flexible, Comprehensive sets of HR specifications

HR Open Standards

Underpinning our pursuits to Simplify, Focus and Integrate in dealing more effectively with human assets uncertainties, is our dedication to the development and promotion of a standard suite of XML specifications to leverage flexible, comprehensive sets of HR specifications, that enable interoperability between HR systems, bringing you greater functionality, flexibility, ease of use and compatibility that foster long-term client satisfaction.

Simplify Focus Integrate


Increasing awareness of the importance of simplifying the organisation’s human resource practices methods, procedures, systems and transactions in achieving organisational effectiveness involves all management decisions and practices that directly affect or influence the people who work for the organisation .

  • having the right processes

  • having the right people in place

  • having the right mix of skills

  • employees display the right attitudes and behaviours, and

  • employees are developed in the right way.


  • on enhancing administrative efficiency

  • on how to improve competitive performance by considering and utilising human assets more effectively.

  • on motivated, committed employees that operate at full potential

  • on training and development in equipping employees with “employability“

  • policies and frameworks to ensure that people development issues are addressed systematically



Integration aims to capture “the people element” of an organisation
> synchronise the pattern of planned human resource deployments and activities intended to enable the firm to achieve its goals

> provide a platform for the management of employees at all levels in the business, directed towards sustaining competitive advantage

Integration is a process of combining systems for managing human resources in a way that they work effectively together for best results.

Integration aims at transforming HR culture and structure:

Areas include:

  • administrative & transactional issues

  • workforce planning issues

  • workforce skills plans

  • succession planning

  • employment equity plans

  • motivation and empowerment initiatives

  • remuneration, benefits and reward structures designed to recruit, retain and motivate people

    Creation of Value through:

  • development of a highly committed and capable workforce

  • linking the organisation’s human resource practices to strategy that leads to greater performance

  • careful planning of people issues in a restructuring exercise, a corporate acquisition, joint venture or merger

Integration is the new currency of HR

  • Tap into a wealth of resources that help you understand, adapt, and take advantage of the HR-XML Standards

  • Join over the world’s leading HR organisations

Because integration is the new currency of HR.

Continually improve integration capabilities

Operational effectiveness.

Setting common standards so that all integration activities are aligned to achieve the business goals of the acquisition.

Promoting consistent, repeatable processes that can reduce integration project setup time and assist with resource and capacity planning

Cross-functional Communication.

Enhancing cross-functional communication to highlight interdependencies, overlaps, and gaps in activities and schedules, and to encourage cooperation on integration tasks.

Integration of Tools, Methods, and Processes

Cisco continually improves integration capabilities with standardised processes to support rapid and consistent integration activity. These repeatable processes also define roles, responsibilities, dependencies, deliverables, and timelines for the numerous integration tasks that must be performed

Systematic Thinking

It also calls for an understanding of interrelationship, its variables, critical and fundamental knowledge of organisational development, best business practices and global perspective.

It demands the application of systematic thinking to see the interrelationship among changes and activities, and how this interrelationship related to the processes and organisational changes.

A strong theoretical foundation helps us improve HRM effectiveness and organisational management and development, with approaches that add unique value and are difficult to replicate.


We help clients make their operations more compliant, efficient and cost effective and help clients build a highly effective organisation.

HR Integration Group helps organisations eliminate risk, as well as achieve their long-term goals and purpose.

With the administrative and compliance burdens removed, we can then focus on a transformation roadmap for opening new channels of talent, knowledge, capability and expertise.

Design and implement solutions to business related people challenges
  • Automate HR-related processes to create a more efficient business model

  • Create error-free processes by developing scalable, integrated HR solutions

  • Simplify processes and cut costs. HR is no longer burdened with overcomplicated, paper-intensive processes.

  • Mitigate risk and meet changing compliance requirements. An integrated approach allows you to increase visibility for greater consistency, control, security and agility.

  • Position HR as a strategic business function. HR can plan for change and contribute as a true business partner.

  • Focus on talent development. Organisations can focus on quickly onboarding top talent, as well as focusing in employee development and potential and higher engagement.


All done for you!