The HRI Difference

Corporate Headquarters in United Arab Emirates with 3 major Research and Innovation locations in the Gulf Region, United Kingdom and Greece

We are an organisation united by a strong set of values, focused on client impact.

A Thinking-Ahead and emotionally intelligent HR group where integration is an ongoing process; one that should be always evaluated and evolve adaptively towards creating strategic human resource practices.

We discover the best and next people practices that drive high performance.

We develop leading-edge tools and ways of connecting people and cultures.


We act according to the motto that employees are our greatest asset.

HRI is a development-orientated company displaying a high level of integrity to serve to strengthen the principles of consistently maintaining the customer as our central focus point.

HRI is pursuing a harmonious order between work life and private life by creating flexibility at work both time-wise and job-wise throughout a person’s whole career,

We maintain a positive view on life and the corporate culture reflects this by dissociating ourselves from any kind of discrimination against any particular group of employees.

We promote the creation of optimal working conditions, and we support the personal and professional development of our employees, enabling us to work together to expand your talents and develop our shared knowledge base.

Our employees display openness, responsibility and initiative, show respect and have a desire to create and learn, share and lead.

As a knowledge-based company we allow space for our employees to fully realise their talents.

We consider it an honour to be able to serve the customer in the best possible way.


HR Integration Group was founded in 2006 as a result of a simple observation.

People have changed how they work, but businesses find it challenging to integrate their HR experience in a human-centric way that can attract and engage their employees in a client-centric way to delight customers and drive growth.

HR Integration Group was founded to transform the management & administration of human capital and help minimise risk, lower costs and drive business value.

Serving clients:

  • who want to become an Employer of Choice

  • who seek HR process efficiencies and streamlined operations

  • who seek to minimise HR related compliance risks

Working across various sectors, disciplines and cultures our products, services and solutions are becoming a part of the HR strategy that helps companies achieve business objectives by implementing significant improvements to an organisation’s operation.



  • Helping Our Clients Become A Next Generation Enterprise

  • Helping Our Clients Transform Their Businesses By Harnessing Efficiencies In The New-era-of-workplace

  • Helping Our Clients Build Relationships And Identify How To Motivate, Engage And Get The Best From Their Teams To Produce Sustainable Performance

  • Helping Our Clients Embrace Best Practices And Undergo Sustainable Business Transformation.

  • Helping Our Clients Re-deploy Freed-up Resources To More Strategic Initiatives That Generate Business Value.

  • Helping Our Clients To Take Their Business To The Next Level.

Our belief

Our belief has always been:

Engage with the very best talent, wherever they are in the world

Integrate products and services to generate HR solutions for the new Era of Workplace



At HR Integration Group, we aim to serve with a high quality, dedicated and results oriented execution team to clients needs and serve as a primary resource and partner in all aspects of clients’ business growth and development.

Why HRI?

High Performance Workplace (HPW) Integrator

A dedicated focused HPW integrator offering turn key solutions through its Vendor Management Office.

Managed HR Services Provider doing business in the Gulf Region and United Kingdom for 10 years.

Part of a Wordlwide Workforce Management Network

  • 2000+ Subject Matter Experts

  • Active Participation with KTNs (Knowledge Transfer Networks)

    Giving HR professionals the strategies and tools to build a highly effective workplace


An innovator in HR Management & Administration

HR Integration Group is big enough to earn our customers’ business and small enough to service it.

We offer a leadership team of experts in business services and in customer care.

We’re constantly improving.

We are devoted to the growth of our employees and their careers, and of our clients and their businesses.

Maximum presence

HR Integration Group up actively invests in maintaining close relations with local associations and the business community.

Particular attention is paid to marketing activities and to developing guidance materials to efficiently close deals.

Competitive pricing policy

Excellent price and performance make our service offering significantly more affordable than single vendor offerings.

Technical support

We invest a lot of time and effort in creating an excellent line of technical support for our partners and customers.

Professionalism, Integrity and a Passion For Excellence

A leading provider and High Performance Workplace (HPW) integrator of HR business processes, tools and efficiency solutions that lower operational expenses, and enhance overall performance.

Our integrated solutions aim to improve employment relations and reduce employer risks associated with personnel administration.

HR Integration Group delivers cost-effective employer services to businesses that employ 10 to 500-plus people.

Our business model has become widely accepted as a more efficient and strategic way of managing employment-related functions through the integration of our core service offerings, which include Payroll, HR Consulting and Employee Benefits brokerage and administration, in addition to the Professional Employer Organisation (PEO) transfer employment model and the Professional Umbrella Employer (PUE) Solutions.

Moreover, at a higher strategic level, we offer Integrated Multi-Sourced BPO Services managed through a Vendor Management Office (VMO) embedded within our Center of Excellence (CoE) – Shared Services Facility Infrastructure.

We maintain the flexibility to allow our clients to elect any or all of the services we provide based on their specific needs, creating an “HR Platform” that streamlines administration and leads to better business outcomes.


HRI provides its unique and powerful solutions to hundreds of organisations of all sizes and industries.


Client-In-The-Center Mindset: A Vested Outsourcing business model designed to achieve the goals of our customers. We go to extraordinary lengths to help solve their problems.​​​​

Talented Teams & Domain Expertise: We strive to employ the brightest in our industry: people who can think creatively about clients’ needs and are empowered to make a difference. We take a resoursful approach to recruiting and developing our people, and creating an environment that fosters their growth as leaders, regardless of where they are based, as to ensure that we can quickly deliver the right team, with the right experience and expertise. The quality of our people defines our ability to serve our clients. Their diversity of disciplines, gender, and nationality ensure our clients receive deep and broad domain expertise.

Innovation Drive: An evolving platform of integrated solutions for the-new-era-of-workplace being reshaped by globalisation, virtualisation and evolving technologies such as mobile communications, big data analytics and cloud computing and social networking.

Powered by knowledge: We study markets, trends, and emerging best practices, in every industry because they are integral to our ability to help clients achieve their goals.

Financial Strength: Our ability to invest in new solutions is strengthened by a robust balance sheet and growth.

Outreach: Our teams have access to best-in-class process and project management tools and templates to ensure consistent delivery– regardless of where your project team is located.

  • Delivery centers staffed with people who speak your language and share your business culture.

  • Services delivery across geographies to streamline costs and ensure business continuity.

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